About Altawel Water Solutions

Established in 2003, Altawel RO Systems, a unit of Altawel Water Solutions an ISO 9001:2008 certified company is a global leader in water purification, waste water treatment, water reuse and Industrial ultra-pure water services. With an experience of over 10 years, Altawel has contributed significantly to the growth and development of RO Industry in India and currently ranks amongst the top Water Purification Industries.
Altawel, headquartered in New Delhi, has a high-technology platform, comprised of Altawel fastest-growing businesses, including the Water Process Technologies and Home Appliances. These global businesses offer a set of infrastructure protection and productivity solutions to the most pressing issues that Industries faces these days.
Altawel is a leading supplier of Water Purification technology and engineered programs for the treatment of water, wastewater and process systems in Industrial, Commercial and Institutional facilities. Its products are used in plant utilities such as boilers, cooling towers and wastewater treatment systems, as well as in manufacturing operations. Altawel RO Systems are based on Reverse Osmosis Technology, which is highly effective in removing several harmful impurities from water which are root cause of various dangerous health deceases.

Altawel Team-:

Altawel employees are united in the company spirit of dedication to quality, reliability, competence and knowledge. The extensive reach through its network of 70 Super Stockiest and 600 Dealers is an impressive combination of expertise, product range, which helped ALTAWEL to satisfy more than 10 lakh people since it commenced operations and establish a customer base spread across more than 17 States including 500 towns and cities in India. Yet, their commitment to higher goals constantly involves them in learning more and more.
To ensure that our customers have an impeccable experience, Altawel has ensured that it has lowest cost with best quality of our Products. Additionally, Altawel has the best Turn Around according to International standards with an ISO certification. Such services are well supported by sound financials that the Company has.


To be a leader and role model in Water Purification Industry.


To provide pure and healthy drinking water to help people to live healthy life.

Nature of Work: The scope of work of Altawel includes :-

  • Boiler Treatment–Preboiler, internal boiler, condensate treatment programs prevent scale, corrosion and foam to ensure safe and reliable steam production, and keep equipment running. They include oxygen scavengers, polymers and condensate corrosion inhibitors. Boiler fireside additives improve combustion efficiency and reduce fuel and maintenance costs.
  • Cooling Water Treatment - These treatment programs include halogen stable corrosion control products, acid-free scale inhibitors and nonoxidizing biocides.
  • Influent/ Wastewater Treatment – Influent clarification programs assure peak performance by removing organic color, hardness, iron and suspended solids. Wastewater treatment programs improve the performance of primary and secondary clarifiers, removing oils, metals and toxic substances, controlling foam, and dewatering sludge to produce high- quality effluent for reuse or discharge in compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Process Treatment–Specialized treatment programs for a broad range of manufacturing operations can increase productivity, improve product quality, protect equipment, reduce operating costs and meet environment, health, and safety objectives. Applications include hydrocarbon processing, steel/ coke production, metal and plastic finishing, food and beverage processing.
The primary industries served by Altawel include chemical processing, food and beverage processing, metal and plastic finishing, minerals processing.
During the past 10 years, Altawel has built more than 3, 50,000 water systems for Domestic and Industrial Products which include:
  • Rain Harvesting:Rainwater harvesting unit from roof top, compounds, rock surface, hill slopes or artificially repaired impervious/semi‐pervious land surface.
  • Clarifiers: For removing large quantities of suspended and organic matter from supply water.
  • Filters: For removing suspended solids from process water by straining it through various media.
  • Reverse Osmosis: For removing total dissolved solids, total organic carbon, and colloidal materials.
  • DM Plants: Electrode ionization that replaces conventional mixed-bed technology.
  • Condensate polishing system: To remove ionic contamination, trace hardness, silica, and other corrosive agents, when boiler water is recycled after use, such as in the power generation industry.
  • Waste neutralization systems: To ever out the pH levels of waste water by mixing high and low pH waste streams, or by adding acids or caustics when required.
  • Standard Small Systems division: Offers a line of pre- engineered systems for applications with flow rates from 5 to 200 gpm.